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This refrigerator sits right next to my bunk so one of the most important aspects that I was looking for in a refrigerator of this size is how quiet it would be.

Wow! And I can say that backwards wow! This refrigerator does not make any sound at all! I was totally shocked! I had to put my ear up to the side of the fridge to see if it was working! Lol

And within a couple of hours it was ready to have food put into it!

I will say this as a word of caution! if you are having this delivered to your home or to maybe a third party like a UPS store or FedEx store!

Make sure it’s a reputable delivery service and here’s why I say that! Make sure the the carrier of this refrigerator does not transport this product laying on its side! Or after it’s delivered make sure that if a third party is holding this for you, that they do not store this on its side!

They need to keep it right side up as indicated on the box! Reason being if you put it on the side oil can go into the cooling compressor and then when you start the fridge it will not cool!

This is bar none one of the best investments that I’ve made in an appliance! Yes this is a little more expensive than the typical others that are comparable to the size of this GE fridge!

However, if you’re looking for a refrigerator that doesn’t make any noise this is it!

Buy truth me, if you’re in the market for a mini fridge don’t waste your time and money on a cheaper model. Spend a few extra bucks and buy yourself a real refrigerator. You’ll be a lot happier!


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