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This is quite an improvement from our previous microwave. We did not know it had a convection feature when we bought it.

The design is pretty sleek, and constructed nicely, as you would expect from a company line Toshiba. Glad it matches with our existing appliances, too. The inside is amazingly roomier, at 1.6 cu ft! That’s important because busy folks like us want to microwave multiple items all at once!

Also, we were curious with the inverter technology capabilities, so we tried cooking potatoes and sweet potatoes in this Toshiba ML microwave, and the cooking time was almost half what it used to take in our old GE microwave. Plus it cooked evenly, without needing to physically rotate the potatoes and sweet potatoes. We thawed frozen chicken and that was quick and no hardened meat part.

Because of the 1600 watt rating and/or the convection feature it cooks faster than our other microwaves. I have had to reduce my usual times. cooks evenly.The 1 thru 6 and 30 second buttons are useful. I do not have any use for most of the presets.I am not personally a fan of the touchpad control, they can be touchy but maybe that is because am an old guy. You should be aware that it requires space all around as specified in the instructions.Overall, it is excellent, we’re delighted with this purchase.


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