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Needed a hood range with an European “look”to it to go with my new Samsung oven. Subsequent to doing a ton of exploration I continued returning to the cosmo. The cost didn’t break my ledger and was actually what I envisioned for my kitchen. My significant other is an expert jack of all trades and talented at introducing machines; I needed to help him as it required more than one bunch of hands to introduce. We supplanted a 33 year old hood range that was placed in when our home was assembled; it was wired in, … the cosmo hood range accompanied a standard module which expected him to adjust the underlying wire closes (in our home) and append a standard house 2 attachment. In the event that you are not talented at such a thing, you need to enlist an expert. After we got it introduced, it looked dazzling and surpassed my assumptions. Appended are pictures.

Incredible reach hood for the cash! Plan and usefulness are incredible. Lighting and fan fill in as portrayed. Looks incredible with every pure machine. Hood is tightened from back to front and appears as though the front is marginally facing up after establishment. This would have been a 5 star survey with the exception of establishment. It is pre-penetrated with 4 openings in the top and 2 in the back. In case you’re the fortunate kind, you might not need to modify you’re introduce. I needed to bore openings to coordinate with my setting. Not an issue, simply a deferral. Significant: This unit accompanies a standard 3 prong plug. On the off chance that the unit you’re supplanting is difficult wired, you should introduce a typical 15A outlet. In general, I’m extremely happy with this buy.

Looks extraordinary and establishment was not excessively troublesome. It coordinated with our current GE impeccable machines consummately. I love the lighting that it gives to our reach top and it is calmer than our past microwave/fan. Has three fan speeds. I did an under bureau establishment utilizing conduit out the top. The solitary unusual thing was that the pipe outlet from the fan is 4.5″ breadth and I was unable to discover channel funneling in that size at our neighborhood home improvement shop. I wound up getting approximately 4″ semi adaptable dryer vent pipe which adjusted close enough to the fan outlet pipe just as my 4″ to 6″ converter pipe (existing conduit in my bureau was 6″). Utilized metal tape to seal the joints.


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