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This Sboly espresso processor is PERFECT for a ‘espresso holic’ like me. It makes my morning espresso the best I’ve at any point had. I’m not kidding about my espresso. The container holds enough beans that you can go days without topping off it, regardless of whether you pound enough for a 12 cup pot each day. The tapered tempered steel burr processor delivers a predictable pound, uniform. You can choose from 2 to 12 cups, and it will stop consequently at the right measure of grounds. It’s truly simple to clean with the included estimating spoon/brush. It likewise will pound from the ‘American corse’ down to the best coffee crush (almost a powder). The subsequent espresso is new and heavenly.

The only reservation I have found is that as shipped, the supposedly removable to clean top but is frozen in place. I certainly could not turn it counter clockwise to remove it with my fingers. I checked the questions on Amazon about the product and found that many others had exactly this problem. Some folks were even returning it because of this. Such crummy quality control at the factory! But be aware it can be solved…provided you have a huge pair of pliers. Once the thing breaks loose, this is a very nice machined.
Controls are well functioning and intuitive. Noise is less than I would have thought. The grind is wonderfully uniform.
I had anticipated problems with static electricity, the bugaboo of burr grinders. I actually gave one away years ago because this bothered me so much. No problem at all with this machine, though I would caution that I was not grinding frozen beans, which seems to help.
Ths unit was a bargain, methinks, thanks to the coupon offer that appeared on the Amazon site. Love those coupons! They are so easy to use and certainly tip me toward purchasing anything I am browsing. Shipping , as always with an Amazon purchase was super quick (Next day, in fact at no extra charge. Overall I am well pleased…after I got the bloody burr thingie loosened up.


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